About US

With its experience of more than 30 years, MAC Private Detective and Research Bureau, which is the formation of a specialist staff, is the Antalya Provincial Representative of the Private Detectives Association (ÖDD). ÖDD is a member of the International Federation of Private Detective Associations-IKD. Under the “Communication and Cooperation Network” project we have created with ÖDD and IKD, you can evaluate your research requests in a legal framework with contracted lawyers; With the Turkish Constitution and TCK, we offer services in the field of “Private Detective / Professional Research” across the country and internationally within the scope of the principles of human rights, democracy and protection of private life. Within the scope of Private Detective / Professional Research Services; We produce reliable solutions in the fields of “Commercial Law, Business Law, Insurance Law and Civil Law” by adhering to the contract and confidentiality principles. In addition, we collect evidence for lawsuits that will have been / will be brought to the judiciary in line with the demands of the Law / Advocacy offices.