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With its experience of more than 30 years, MAC Private Detective and Research Bureau, which is the formation of an expert staff, is the Antalya Provincial Representative of the Private Detectives Association (ÖDD). ÖDD is a member of the International Federation of Private Detective Associations-IKD. Under the “Communication and Cooperation Network” project we have created with ÖDD and IKD, you can evaluate your research requests in a legal framework with contracted lawyers; With the Turkish Constitution and TCK, we offer services in the field of “Private Detective / Professional Research” across the country and internationally within the scope of the principles of human rights, democracy and protection of private life.

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Corporate Company Research and Analysis

Corporate Company Research and Analysis; Firms’ income levels, disagreements with partner firms, their actions in the public domain and dealer analysis

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Insect Search and Hidden Camera Detection

Although the primary purpose of the devices that have the feature of recording and listening to sound and recording images is used by the government officials,

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Address Detection Service

Persons who cannot be notified by the official authorities and whose address of residence or business address are not certain are considered to be unknown.

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Pre-Marriage Research

Marriage is the official form of a relationship where two people promise to be next to each other in illness, health, good day and bad day. Before the couple got married, they asked themselves and each other, “What is marriage?” should ask the question.

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The Missing Person

Due to the political, social and geopolitical structure of our country, the workload of the General Directorate of Security and the General Command of the Gendarmerie is increasing day by day. For this reason, there may be insufficiencies in finding missing persons.

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Spouse Tracking

Spouse tracking; It is a research and evidence collection service conducted in accordance with Articles 17 and 40 of the Constitution, without violating personal rights and law, in order to collect evidence for spouse’s insecure attitude towards each other, suspicious acts or cases brought to the judiciary.

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  • Your ‘Private Detective’ can be a mess!

    İsmail Yetimoğlu, President of the Private Detectives Association, spoke about false private detectives: We receive complaints from 20-30 people every month. I do not count the complaints made by phone and mail … Private Detectives Association President Ismail Yetimoglu, private detective is not the law regulating standards and limits, and that this situation is sourced

    25 June 2020
  • 6 signs of spouse cheating!

    The cheating spouses try to hide their cheating relationships from their wives in order to get rid of the results of what they do. They start acting differently to hide, including lying like they never did before. People who cheat try to hide the deception actively and by establishing a strategy because they know what

    25 June 2020

    Eleven Good Guys Detective Awards The 21st General Assembly Meeting of IKD was held in Istanbul on September 14-16, hosted by ÖDD. ÖDD – IKD with the Association of Private Detectives – with the determination of the board created by the International Private Detectives Association Federation, ÖDD turkey in Turkey for years 11.kuruluş Private Detective

    25 June 2020

    We terminate the «Friendship and Cooperation Protocol», which we signed in 2011 on behalf of the ODD with the President of the Association of IKD – International Association of Private Detectives Associations Maria BUMBARU, in cooperation with the Romanian ANDR Association. Respectfully to the International Private Detectives Community. Istanbul, 19 October 2018 ÖDD – SPECIAL

    25 June 2020

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