We terminate the «Friendship and Cooperation Protocol», which we signed in 2011 on behalf of the ODD with the President of the Association of IKD – International Association of Private Detectives Associations Maria BUMBARU, in cooperation with the Romanian ANDR Association. Respectfully to the International Private Detectives Community. Istanbul, 19 October 2018 ÖDD – SPECIAL DETECTIVES ASSOCIATION We are announcing that we terminate our side of the “Friendship and Cooperation Protocol”, which we signed in 2011, with President of the Romanian ANDR Association Maria BUMBARU which we worked together in the IKD – The International Private Detectives Associations Federation sctructure. This decision have been made due to our respect and commitment to professional ethics. Sincerely on the World of International Private Investigators. Istanbul, October 19, 2018 ÖDD- PRIVATE DETECTIVES ASSOCIATION

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