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What is Private Detective? Private Detective; T. C. The Constitution, with respect to the personality rights and private life of the people with the TCK, after collecting, compiling, evaluating and evaluating all kinds of private information that do not constitute a crime and informing the relevant judicial authorities after the evaluation, and asking for the investigation within the framework of the legal contract. It is a contemporary service area that provides legal entities. Today, the need for the Private Detective is increasing day by day. Generally, people who need Private Detective do not know how to get service, but they are influenced by more TV series and movies and think that Private Detective has extraordinary skills as they can do any job. Private Detective, Professional Research is a profession that requires knowledge, knowledge and experience. To analyze your problems well and to offer solutions. To be able to apply the methods of obtaining accurate evidence for the solution of the problem. How to Get Service with Confidence? People who need a Private Detective must first know the detective they will receive service from. In this context, trust is very important. Hundreds of detective advertisements and advertisements placed on the internet should be analyzed well. In order to get a correct and reliable service, the reliability of the detective, the taxpayer and whether it is a member of a detective association should be investigated. He should visit his private detective office and examine whether he has a corporate identity. When researched on the internet, it is known that there are a lot of false detectives that victims many people by opening a website under dozens of different firm names with false names, without being a member of a association or a commercial firm. ÖDD continues its legal struggle with the detective companies in question, which can be called as fraudsters. In addition, it continues its efforts to enact the “Private Detective Law” which is pending as a draft law in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.