Your ‘Private Detective’ can be a mess!

İsmail Yetimoğlu, President of the Private Detectives Association, spoke about false private detectives: We receive complaints from 20-30 people every month. I do not count the complaints made by phone and mail … Private Detectives Association President Ismail Yetimoglu, private detective is not the law regulating standards and limits, and that this situation is sourced from problems experienced in Turkey. Yetimoğlu, pointing out that the gap in this area has been abused by malicious people, the citizens of some people who have no commercial organization, a fixed place, easily create one or more websites with a fake name and title, and only share their mobile phone information or advertise on the internet with false address statements. He stated that he had fallen into his net, defrauded and threatened and blackmailed him. “WE RECEIVE 20-30 COMPLAINTS EVERY MONTH” Yetimoğlu said that people who claim to be private detectives on the Internet have committed crimes by interfering with the private life of their victims, as well as the sale of various computer programs, GSM spy programs, hidden cameras or similar devices. “The vast majority of these individuals show that they are private detective firms with fake addresses and landline phone numbers, and they act as if they are hiding their real names by using a single name and using a single name, and prevent both the public from misleading and defrauding the people they defraud. People who have no qualifications, have no work force, and rowdy, criminal people are building private websites and doing advertisements. These create victimization by making promises that cannot be realized. ” Yetimoğlu said about the people who need private detective service:

90 PERCENT OF THE DETECTIVE FINDINGS FROM THE INTERNET Yetimoğlu pointed out that it is a big mistake for the demanders to contact such people only through the phone numbers and addresses they see on the internet without sufficient research, and pointed out that 90 percent of those seeking private detective services were defrauded in this way. Stating that those who suspect his lover or spouse are looking for a private detective, Yetimoğlu stated that they should not be served as an association, and that they did not find it moral and legal. “WE DO NOT SERVE AS AN ASSOCIATION” Expressing the drawbacks of acting on the suspicions arising in private relationships and providing private detective services to collect evidence on this issue, Yetimoğlu said, “We, as an association, do not serve in this situation. When evidence is obtained upon suspicion, unforeseen events may occur, such as violence against women… The subject should have a legal basis ”. Yetimoglu, Turkey was found ODD 127 registered members in general, the majority of them individually, as 5 of the corporate members, 12 members of a private detective who abuse they exported in the past, he added. (Ankara / A)  

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